happy marriage

Most people know when their friends are getting married and await the arrival of the invitation in the mail. With anticipation, the invitation appears and you know for sure you are among the privileged guests of this all important event of the year.

Not only does the guest have to think about what to wear but also what else to do. How should the response card be filled out properly? When should the reply be sent in? Should a gift be given? What is the appropriate clothing to wear? A million questions probably will go through your guests’ minds.

As the bride and groom you may be wondering if your guests will RSVP as requested in the invitation. The term RSVP is from a French expression that means “please respond.” When RSVP is used in an invitation, a response card is included with the wedding and reception invitation. This response card comes along with a self addressed stamped envelope to be returned to the person in charge of the guest list.

This way the number of guests attending can be accounted for and then the proper facilities will be provided accordingly. If you are attending a wedding or reception, remember to RSVP as soon as possible. Usually a date is provided as to when a reply is expected.

Respect this date and perhaps even reply sooner, especially if you are unable to attend. Once you have decided whether to go or not, keep your word. The bride and groom count on a specific number that have responded so they can plan accordingly. Make sure you stay with your original reply by honoring your decision.

The response card can be handled in various ways. If a blank area is available, this is probably done so that the invitee(s) can write a personal message to the bride and groom. The reply card can be used to seat people at appropriate tables at the reception.

When the evening is done, the guests can take the cards as a keepsake or leave it for the newly married couple with words to reflect on at a later time. As an honored guest reply as soon as possible and honor the wishes of the bride and groom. This shows respect for them and the most important occasion.