wedding ideas

For as long as you live, your wedding will remain one of your greatest memories of all time. Captured forever on film, you will have photos and perhaps even video to remember your special day for years to come.

However, the case with most brides is that their look becomes a little dated twenty years down the road. Remember the big hair and brightly colored makeup of the 80’s? The straight hair and flower power style of the 60’s and 70’s? The bouffant styles of the 50’s and the glam look of the 40’s? Looking back into your grandmother and great grandmother’s wedding pictures may even reveal very plain or conservative looks during the depression era and beyond.

So how can you create a great wedding style for yourself without cringing 20 years down the road? Simple! Go for a timeless style.

Grooms generally don’t have to worry about looking “dated” in their wedding pictures…after all, a tux is a tux. But wedding dress styles come and go and some can be very trendy. While a one-shouldered baby blue wedding dress may seem very chic now, do you really want to look at an overly trendy dress in the years to come?

If looking timeless is important to your wedding style, consider these few tips to keep trendy looks under control:

1) Makeup and Hair: Keep them both simple and demure! Loose waves or a simple secured bun with an equally simple veil are ideal for timeless style. Keep makeup to a minimum and avoid trendy eye makeup and lipstick colors.

2) Dress: Also keep it simple…a strapless plain white gown looks elegant and timeless and is ideal for almost any body type. This is the perfect look to take you through the ages.

3) Shoes: Whether they are heeled or flats, keep these simple as well. Avoid cutely decorated sandals or tennis shoes…you may end up embarrassing your future self.

4) Jewelry: Avoid trendy styles, like chokers, dangly earrings or bangle bracelets. Opt instead for diamond stud earrings and a bare neck or at most, a significant piece of family heirloom jewelry. After all, your wedding rings are going to be the only truly important piece of jewelry that day!

5) Bouquet: This one is up to you! As long as you stick with a traditional bouquet, any type of flower is acceptable and timeless, so feel free to have fun!

If you decide to go with a timeless wedding style, make sure that it is also emulated in your ceremony and reception as well. Stick with traditional styles and avoid trendy fonts for your wedding invitations and thank you notes. Also, keep your bridesmaids in mind when creating a “timeless” look…sometimes they are at the mercy of your trendy styling.

Have them wear a gown you would wear yourself in simple colors and styles, and also keep their hair and jewelry simple. By creating a “timeless” wedding, you will be proud and happy to display your wedding pictures for years to come and will always remember your special day with a smile.