wedding cakes cheap

Wedding cakes vary greatly in price and the wedding cake can quite literally ‘eat away’ at your budget without careful planning. The usual reason for a hefty price tag on a wedding cake is when the cake involves a lot of time-consuming work – (think sugarcraft flowers, intricate icing details etc).

The actual ingredients to make wedding cakes are not usually that expensive but the costs associated with the cake rise when you are paying for a professional cake decorator’s time. There are ways of having a stunning, cheap wedding cake though – you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds.

One cheap wedding cake idea is to make the cake yourself or ask a talented friend / relative to make it for you – perhaps as their wedding gift to you.

You may just want to make the wedding cake(s) yourself and then pay for them to be decorated professionally. This may not save you very much money though as the main cost is in the time taken to decorate the cake.

superb pink wedding cake If you are planning the wedding well in advance you may have time to enroll on a cake-decorating course with your local college and learn some of the skills required to make and decorate a cheap wedding cake yourself.

If you are making your own cake save money by hiring rather than buying your own cake tins. Also hire (don’t buy) cake stands. See if your wedding cake designer or venue has one which they will loan to you.

Many of the supermarkets now stock pre-iced fruit cakes in various sizes which you can decorate yourself. Use ribbons to co-ordinate with your wedding colours or a cake topper which you can keep after the wedding.

You could also ask your florist to prepare fresh flowers to go on top of the cake. This will be a lot less expensive than time-consuming handmade sugar flowers. Make sure that any flowers you use are food safe and pesticide free – your florist should be able to advise you on this.

Sometimes the cost of the wedding cake will vary depending on what type of cake you have. Traditionally the wedding cake is made from fruit cake but you may want one or all of the tiers to be different. Ask for quotes for different types of cake such as sponge, carrot or chocolate etc.

Individual cupcakes arranged on a stand are quite popular at the moment instead of the more traditional tiered wedding cake. Again though these can be time consuming so unless you make them yourself you may find they are also quite expensive.

They are however easier to decorate than a wedding cake and they could double up as favours for the wedding guests as another way of cutting costs. If you choose this option ask your venue to waive any cake cutting and knife hire costs.

If you have seen a designer wedding cake that you have set your heart on then you could save money by opting for less tiers on the cake. Don’t worry if you think that there won’t be enough cake to serve all your guests – you can have a smaller, beautifully decorated wedding cake for show and then a cheap wedding ‘sheet cake’ (a plain iced cake) in the kitchen to be cut up and given out to your guests to supplement the main cake. wedding cake on table Once the cake has been cut up then no-one will know the difference.

Finally, consider serving your wedding cake as the dessert at your wedding meal. If you cut the cake before you sit down to eat then it can be served as dessert. Not many people feel like eating wedding cake after a huge 3 or 5 course meal but this way the cake becomes incorported into the meal and will save you money too.